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Spreading awareness and educating all about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning while boating is our goal. Along the way, we will also spread love, Afton-style!

Our mission is to help people, families, and organizations in need.

Learn about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning while open air boating.

These are the stories that will help others, and the children that will never be forgotten

Afton Howard Taylor

The Taylor family loaded up their boat, turned on their favorite song, and headed out to enjoy a day on the lake on June 30, 2019. While securing the boat for their trip back, seven-year- old Afton and his dad exchanged a thumbs up. Tragically, a few moments later Afton’s life was cut short by a silent, odorless, and deadly danger – carbon monoxide. The Taylor family was completely unaware that carbon monoxide poisoning can happen while open-air boating.

Learn more how the Taylor family is honoring Afton at

Ally Sidloski

Allyson Sidloski, 21, passed away in May while boating with some friends at East Fork State Park. A standout University of Cincinnati soccer player, Ally was on the back of the boat, slipped under the water and was never seen alive again. Carbon monoxide did contribute to Ally’s death. #WePlayFor3 has been started in memory of Ally. The organization spreads awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning while open air boating. Ally’s memory stays alive through their memorial scholarship fund. For more information, please visit

Andrew Free

It was supposed to be a fun boating outing for the Free family at Lake Eufaula on June 6,

2020. The family has spent their entire lives on the lake, and they know all the boating safety rules and follow them.By the end of the day, everyone was tired and ready to get home.
The family didn’t know that carbon monoxide poisoning can easily be mistaken for the same symptoms as too much sun or dehydration. Other symptoms may include: headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. Tragically, Andy’s life was cut short by a silent, odorless, and deadly danger – carbon monoxide poisoning.

Maddie Taylor

On Memorial Day 2022, Maddie and her brother, along with a few close friends, headed out on the water. She was so excited, sharing the day with her mom on FaceTime as her brother and friends were tubing. Maddie took off her life jacket and decided to get in the water to cool down. She remained near the swim platform talking with others. She went under twice, and the third time, Maddie did not resurface. Later it was revealed that Maddie had passed away from drowning due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Her CO blood level was 54%.

The families urge boaters to be aware of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Traveling at slow speeds, or idling, can cause carbon monoxide to build up on the boat. The same applies to a tail wind, which may blow exhaust towards passengers. If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning, seek immediate medical attention.


LovelikeAfton appreciates the generous support of Waves of Hope and National Safe Boating Council. Click on the links for more information.

National Save Boating Council

Waves of Hope

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