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Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Boat Launch Signage

Our family is working hard to get more visual information near lakes and marinas.

Our goal is to have several "Afton Carbon Monoxide Danger" signs displayed at every lake in Ohio.

As of today, we have several lakes on board.

It is extremely dangerous for anyone to be at the back of a boat, while the boat is moving at a slow speed, or while in the no-wake zone. Unfortunately, for our family, we were not aware of this danger. We will work hard to make sure others are made aware of this silent killer.


Please Consider Purchasing a Sign! One sign is $100.00


Signs Displayed in Ohio

Alum Creek-2
Atwood Lake East-2
Atwood Lake West-1
Bay Boat Club-1
Buckeye Lake-5
Castaway Bay-1
Catawba Island Club-2
Catawba Island South-1
Catawba Landing-1
Cedar Point-1
Deer Creek State Park-1
Dillon Lake-6
Gem Beach-1
Geneva State Park-1
Grand River Fairport-2


Jesse Owens-1
Lake Erie-25

Lake Loramie State Park-1
Lake Logan-2
Lake Milton-3
Lake White-1
Meredith Bros. Inc (For Grand Lake St. Mary's)-2
Mosquito Lake-2

Muskingum River-14
Oasis Marinas North Coast-1
Oasis Marinas Port Lorain-1
Portage Lake-3
Salt Fork Lake-8
The Boathouse at Strouds Run (Strouds Run State Park)-2
West Branch-3
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